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SEASON 450SC SEASON 450SC Incredients:
  • Buprofezin…400g/l
  • Deltamethrin…50g/l
S000023 Pesticides Quantity: 10000 bottle


  • Incredients:

    • Buprofezin…400g/l
    • Deltamethrin…50g/l

Quantity: 10000 bottle


  • Buprofezin…400g/liter
  • Deltamethrin…50g/liter


SEASON 450SC is the mix include 2 active elements with exposure effects and toxicity, inhibit the formation of chitin on insect skin, make larval dead because of not being molted. For adult insects, drug limit the formation of eggs and make eggs unable to hatch. 
ml/bottle (16 liters water)
Rice Brown backed rice plant hopper, Rice leaf folder 10-15ml
0.2-0.3 litter/ha
Spray 2-3 bottles/1000m2
Coffee, fruits Planococcus citri, Pseudococcus sp, Anobium borer 9-13ml
Spray regularly to wer foliage
The 2nd, spray 7 days after first time to kill stink bug
Tea Green paddy leafhopper
Cashew Stink bug, mosquito
Mango Sugarcane Whitefly

How to use

  • Using water 400 -500 liter/ha


  • Should spray drugs when the worms have just been appeared 
  • Do not mix drugs with strong reducing and oxidizing drugs
  • Do not reuse packaging 
  • Destruct redundant drugs in prescribed places
  • Isolation time: Stop drug 7 days before havest.


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