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Company Milestones

Duc Thanh Trade Production Import-Export Co., Ltd. established in 2007 was a prestigious unit in the field of manufacture and distribution of fertilizers and pesticides of Viet Nam. Duc Thanh was a strong collective solidarity, and it incessantly achieved goal of building a sustainable development agriculture and friendly environment. With over 12 years of building and growing, Duc Thanh has been affirming its position in the field production and distribution of fertilizers and pesticides across the country. With a continuous development itinerary, Duc Thanh has gained some significant results including 2 manufacturing plants and over 500 dealers throughout the country.

1989 - 2006The precursor of Duc Thanh Trade Production Import-Export Co., Ltd. was the store fertilizers Duc Hoa starting a business in 1989 with small-scale project and family-style management, and confined within a few neighboring district in Tay Ninh Province with more than a few dozen agents. By the mid 90s, the transferring from the renovation period to market economy, Private Enterprise Duc Thanh was founded; this is the inheritance and transfer between two generations. After 10 years, Private Enterprise Duc Thanh constantly increased in scale, scope of activities with various source of goods, and the number of agents, stores and customers increased 6 times.
2007 - 2013In 2007, Vietnam officially became a member of the World Trade Organization WTO. Seizing new opportunities and new challenges, Private Enterprise Duc Thanh boldly innovate operational structure; 01 SX Import Export Trading Services Company Limited Duc Thanh Production Co., Ltd. founded on 01 January 2007 adding new functionality, diversified businesses to promote inherent strengths, flexible pricing, the clarity between cash and the selling price of the debt with highly competitive; signing sales contracts with dealers, shops and customers to create equality between enterprises and dealers, shops with customers so that both of them were clear.
Implementing new business methods requiring businesses to have the new investment, Duc Thanh Trade Production Import-Export Co., Ltd. was not afraid to invest infrastructure, rebuild the warehouse and port with an area of 4,000m2 which can accommodate more than 5,000 tons. The company was the first enterprise of the province having its own warehouse and waterway port which can simultaneously receive five barges at 500 tons weight, and more than 20 stevedoring lines semiautomatic. Besides, the marketing staff quickly launch with different areas to keep abreast market, take care of customers, offer expert advices and listen to customer feedback.
Vietnam became a comprehensive partner with the United States (one of countries importing many agricultural products of Vietnam); moreover, joining the TPP will provide an opportunity to expand export markets, especially agricultural products. Therefore, when cultivation developed, it would lead to demand for increasing in using fertilizer creating conditions for companies to develop markets and increase sales.
Thus, by the end of 2013 the company has basically completed the 1st step of the strategic business with 2 unit members, 1 fertilizer production plant, one pesticides manufacturing plant, and it opened branch Tan Chau and more than 500 agents.
2014 - Present
During this period, Duc Thanh constantly expanded distribution operations nationwide, as well as integrated deeper into the activities of the Society. The most typical activity was to help dear compatriots living in the central of country in the historic floods in May 10/2016 last. So far Duc Thanh has become a leading prestigious brand of fertilizer of farmers. This is the greatest value that farmers reserved for our company Duc Thanh. Once again we would like to thank the affection, the love and contribution from everybody to our great success.
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